Rectangular jaws can be laser cut on the FabLight, out of stainless steel or mild steel. We recommend 0.090" thick material, but you can also go up to 0.125" if you are cutting heavy tubes. If you have an FL1500, use 0.075" material.

We have .fab files ready for you to cut on your machine. Click the link below to download the jaw profiles, or click here to download them:


The .zip file contains the following jaw profiles:

  • 0.75x1.5in Rectangle
  • 1x0.5in 1.5x1in 2x1.5in Rectangle
  • 1x2in Rectangle
  • 3in Round

Installing the Jaws

For instructions on installing the jaws, check out this article:

Checking the Fit

Once installed, the tube should be held tightly. If you can wiggle the tube, you may need to adjust the size of the jaws by recutting them. We recommend changing the length of the jaws equally in 0.002" increments to get a snug fit.