NOTE: If you received your machine before April 2019, use this document: PRE-APR2019 RECTANGULAR JAW INSTRUCTIONS

About Rotary Jaws Replacement

The FabLight ships with "spring plunger jaws" that accommodate round and square tube shapes. You need to swap these out to "adjustable jaws" load a rectangular tube. Contact the Factory for rectangular jaws if you don't have them.

Tools Needed

  • 5/64" allen key
  • Replacement jaws (4 long jaws for rectangular applications)

Changing the Jaw Attachments

  1. Push the red locking pin in to stop the chuck from rotating.

  1. Remove the screws in the middle of the jaws with the allen key.

  1. The jaws will now rotate freely along the pin at their outer end. Wiggle them loose to remove the jaws completely.

  1. Follow the removal steps in reverse to attach new jaws.

Making New Rectangular Jaws

If you need to laser cut new rectangular jaws, or want to customize them for a unique size, see this article: