About the Tube Extension Box

The BBQ extension is an optional feature you can order for your FabLight to help load tubes longer than the default 52” length of the machine bed. It is quick and simple to install.

Materials required

  • Extension box from Factory

Tools required

  • 1/8" allen key



  1. Turn off the white Main Power switch on the Utility Panel at the bottom left-side of the machine.

  2. Use a 1/8" allen key to remove the left side rotary panel (black square panel at machine door height on left side of machine). Set aside the screws for installation of the extension box.

Electrical Installation

  1. Inside the rotary compartment you’ll find one loose cable connector with a white cap. Remove the cap and save it so you can recap the connector if you ever uninstall the extension.

  2. Connect the cable to the matching cable in your Extension Box. That is the only electrical setup the Extension will need.


Hardware Installation

  1. Secure the Extension Box over the rotary opening, where the panel was removed, using the original screws you had set aside.

  2. Set aside the flat panel in storage for reinstallation if you ever uninstall the Extension.

  3. The tube extension box is now ready for use. Long tubes should still be loaded into the rotary chucks from the door at the front of the machine.