3D Fab Light uses Freshdesk as both our Knowledge Base and Service Ticketing platform. There are two levels of Freshdesk access - public for basic users and private for service users. Anyone can view limited public articles in the Knowledge Base and contact us for setup and basic user questions by emailing service@3dfablight.com. However, only those with an account can view our full Knowledge Base and submit tickets requesting machine servicing support.

Only the machine manager can authorize users for an account, which enables them receive Factory guidance on making hardware and software changes to the machine for servicing. Machine managers are authorized for service accounts by default, and have viewing privileges for all tickets sent by authorized users in their group.

To authorize a user for an account, managers should create a support ticket with the user's Full Name, Title, and email address. Managers may also email to verify their authorized users list or to remove users.

If your machine manager does not authorize you for an account, it is up to their discretion to share copies of private user resources with you directly.