Below are excerpts from page 20 of the FabCreator v3.0 manual, and pages 34-35 of the FabLight Operator manual v3.0, that outline the basic workflow of adding new materials to your FabCreator catalog and your FabLight process table. Download current manuals here to read more details.

Be aware that the .db file hosted on your computer that is edited in FabCreator is not the same as the .db file hosted on your machine, where you edit the process for a material. When you bring up a FAB file on the machine that is for new material, the machine's database will not have a process entry for that material, so you will see a Process Not Found notice as shown below. You can press that notice on the HMI to copy or assign a new process to the unrecognized material. The new material will then exist for future use in both FabCreator (your computer's .db file), and FabLight (the machine's .db file).

A note about creating new processes: the guides in Achieving Good Cut Quality are available for you when making minor adjustments to perfect your cut quality as desired. However, it is highly recommended to involve our support for developing entirely new processes, or making major changes if a job is not working. Process Development requests are always welcome, submitted either as a ticket on Freshdesk or through an email to