For tube applications, stock should be loaded into the rotary chucks in the order below to best prevent slipping during the job. The rotary chuck on the left is called the Drive, while the rotary chuck on the right is called the Idler

NOTE: The tube stock must be at least 3.5" longer than the job designed due to interference between the cutting head and chucks that limits the travel of the laser and results in waste material.

Set the tube in the chucks

  1. Push the locking pin in on both chucks.
  2. Pull the Idler by its handle toward the Drive to the approximate length of the tube stock.
  3. It may be helpful to close the jaws on both chucks to the approximate diameter of the tube.
  4. Set the right end of the tube onto the open Idler jaws. Do not tighten yet.
  5. Set the left end of the tube onto the open Drive jaws. Do not tighten yet.
  6. The tube should now be held up at both ends by the chucks only.

Tighten the chucks

  1.  Start with the Idler. If you are running a short application on a long tube, it can be helpful for tube support to bring the Idler in towards the center of the tube. The Idler should not be brought in more than halfway the length of the stock.
  2. Use two hands to tighten the jaws against the tube - one hand should push up on the pin and maintain pressure while the other tightens the lock knob. The jaws will not tighten fully against the tube if you tighten the lock knob without keeping upward pressure on the push pin!
  3. All four jaws should make secure contact with the tube.
  4. Only after the Idler is first tightened should you tightened the Drive, as this is the chuck that drives the rotary motion for the job and it is more important to avoid any torque or misalignment on the Drive side.
  5. It can be helpful to minimize waste material to pull the left end of the tube as far out  of the Drive as possible to just meet the jaws.