A separate vacuum is recommended for cleaning out the machine as part of the preventative maintenance (PM) schedule.

We do not recommend using the machine's dust collector vacuum for PM, because it will need to be disconnected every time the machine needs to be cleaned. The dust collector is for fine particles that would otherwise escape into the air. The cleaning vacuum is for larger metal particles that settle in the machine and must be removed manually.

The vacuum we recommend is the VacuMaid Garage Vac PRO, available at this link: https://vacumaid.com/product/garage-vac-pro/

The Garage Vac PRO has a number of features that make it ideal for machine maintenance:

  1. Large volume - Doesn't need to be emptied very often.
  2. Uses bags - Easy to clean and replace. Bags can be purchased for about $1/each.
  3. Wall-mountable - Can be affixed to the wall next to the machine so it is always easy to locate in your shop.
  4. High-quality attachments - The telescoping attachment is durable and made of metal. The soft brush attachment is delicate enough to not damage or scratch the encoder strips.
  5. Easy to empty - Only requires two latches to open it and access the bag.